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J. Derek O'Brien
Chair, Fine Arts Department / Associate Professor


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Fine Arts

The study of fine arts at Lakeland is designed to take students from the fundamental concepts and practices of basic drawing to more advanced problems in two and three-dimensional media. Courses taught in spacious and well-equipped studios with the latest tools and equipment, are designed for students pursuing careers in studio art and art education. Studio courses may be supplemented with the study of art theory and history. Specifically, fine arts courses cover topics such as basic drawing, figure drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, and printmaking.


Students are taught by a faculty who bring a broad array of experiences to the classroom, including work as exhibiting artists. Students interested in pursuing studio art or art education in a four-year program will find that Lakeland’s courses meet most requirements. A strong portfolio is usually necessary for admission as a fine arts major in a four-yearprogram, so students will take advantage of the faculty’s professional approach to portfolio development. For students wishing to study and practice fine arts purely for self-fulfillment and enjoyment, the faculty are committed to making courses exciting, rewarding and diverse for all students.

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Assistant Professor, Fine Arts

"As a man living in contemporary times, I employ sculpture as a vehicle in the search for what it is that makes me unique. My most recent work combines many materials and methods, such as cast and fabricated metals, ceramics, and environmental installation. Emotion and circumstances that provoke reaction fuel the creation of these works. The combination of my past and present experiences generates a concept, while being open to direction change from intuitive use of the material. Accepting truth in the materials and embracing the idea of chance. My intent is to foster thought in the viewer, generating questions. Questions that lead the viewer to their reasoning, sight, and place."

Professor of Fine Arts


"Contemplative and private moments are extremely important to me. I try to achieve this sense of stillness in my art, to find that peace through the act of creating. I do not care to reflect what is going on in our hectic lives, but to attempt to find that quiet area, that moment of repose—often found in minimal color, minimal movement. It is a way for me to find balance. Everything I draw or paint, no matter how simple or mundane, I see as an actor on stage telling his/her story to those who momentarily pause and listen."
Professor of Fine Arts
"My paintings are reflections of the rhythms of life. I express the emotions, patterns and movements which occur in everyday life through the use of color and shape within a composed space. The presence of color depicts physical and psychological awareness. Perceptions of the senses and the insights of the psyche are portrayed through the combinations and layers of these colors. Shapes of color create windows of atmosphere which provide glimpses into a wide range of experiences. The windows are arranged in a series of contrasting, overlapping and colliding patterns that compose a portrait which embodies many facets of life.. "


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